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  5. oh shit oh fuck

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  7. straytank replied to your post:

    long & quality. amazeballs

    I OWE IT ALL TO YOUUUUUUUU. it’d probably look a bit better with nearest neighbor stretching, but this’ll do

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    skype emoticons AREN’T as good

    also the custom emoticons so you’d have cock gifs for every occasion, and the nudge jumpscares for when someone wanted your attention, it was just such a beautiful mess

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    msn messenger

    was THE BEE’S KNEES. i still miss it, but i guess skype is better in many ways. even though i apparently had skype back in 2005 too 8)

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  11. 2005 desktop

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    youtube.com/watch?v… Because this scene relies on timing

    good point. it’s all in the delivery

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